Our Commitment

We have taken the following steps to ensure that our service can be experienced with as much comfort and peach of mind for our team and our guests as much as possible.

1.We are a delivery/takeaway/collection only business

2. We encourage pre-orders (all food must be pre-ordered by 11am the day before, wine and cocktails can be bought without pre-order) to limit the time taken to purchase items and therefore allow guests to move quickly through The Pantry.

3. Only 2 guests are allowed in the shop at any one time, keeping to social distancing guidelines by standing behind the markers provided on the floor.

4. All guests are asked to sanitise their hands on entry, and gloves are also made available for guest use

5. The guest entrance and exit are separate. The route for all guests is sign posted to allow for an easy unobstructed experience from entrance, to pick up, to exit.

6. All surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day.

7. The preparation area for pre-orders is kept entirely separate from the guest area and allows for our team to work safely and within the social distancing guidelines at all times.

8. Gloves will be worn by all team working and making deliveries 

9. We will take card payments only.

10. Anyone with Coronavirus or Coronavirus septum are kindly asked not to enter The Pantry.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.